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If you are here then you certainly do not require an introduction to Manga. However, for those who are unversed, Manga is the umbrella term that encompasses all the comics or graphic novels originating from Japan. Anime enthusiasts are well aware that a majority of their favorite anime movies/cartoons/web series derive their inspiration from Manga. Coming to apps or websites that cater to Manga, we have several viz Manga Toon, Crunchy Roll, Manga Plus, and more.

However, the question is whether is it necessary to access multiple Manga apps/websites to stay up to date with the latest content or whether there exists a single app that can make Manga reading fun, easy-going, and cushy. Here comes the entry of the Mihon APK.

Mihon App UI

What is Mihon APK?

For those who are aware of the Tachiyomi app, they should know that the Mihon app is the ultimate successor of Tachiyomi. Mihon is not like a generalized Manga reader. It is much more than that. Specially tailored for Manga enthusiasts, you can call Mihon the Kindle for Manga, webtoons, and comics.

On top of the above, the user interface of Mihon is unparalleled and unequaled. Navigating the complex world of Japanese comics is like a piece of cake in the app. Now, add to this that Mihon is open source and FREE. Yes! You read it right! Unlike other premium Manage apps/websites, Mihon does not demand any money and does not involve any hidden costs or additional charges for app usage. I believe that does crack the deal. Read below to check out more features of the app.

Mihon APK App Information


Mihon App


Manga Reader


~ 50 MB


Android 8.0 or Above



Features of Mihon App (Best Manga Reader)

Humongous Library

The app covers comics from all the amazing Manga platforms. Titles are endless in the app spanning across various genres like action, romance, adventure, horror, and more. The amazing UI on top makes browsing Manga suggestions and searching for titles a breeze. Look for a title, tap on it, choose a source, and start reading.

Read Offline

If you wish to take your reading experience offline, then all you have to do is hit the Download button and save the chapter offline. You can access the downloaded content from Library > Downloads Mihon.

Elevate your Reading Experience

  • Availability of different reading modes.
  • Custom colors and themes to set the aesthetics.
  • Tweak different settings like brightness, zoom, page layout, font, full-screen, background color, dark or light, and more.
  • Create your own custom preset.

Daily Reminders

This app gives you daily regular reminders about the new manga that are getting added to the app, and you can organize them and read accordingly your comfort. Such a cool feature, Isn’t it?

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You can set up tags like planning to read, reading, or dropping on the Manga that you will add to the app library. The integration of the app with popular anime trackers like MyAnimeList or AniList makes this possible. 

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Moreover, you can turn ON the notifications that will alert you whenever your favorite Manga’s next chapter is available. This is achievable by bookmarking your favorite Manga.

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Even, there is an option to schedule library updates at regular intervals, which will automatically seek new available chapters and bring them.

We believe the above features are more than sufficient to make you understand how Mihon is different from other traditional Manga reading apps/websites. Moving ahead, let us check out the download and installation process.

Mihon App UI

Download Mihon APK on Android (Tachiyomi Manga App)


  • Make sure you have the latest Mihon APK file handy. Download it from the link below.

Download Mihon APK (LATEST)

  • Turn ON the Allow Apps from Unknown Sources from Security Settings for the browser you are going to use to download the above APK.

Enable Unknown Sources Android - Mihon Manga


  • Once you see the ‘Download Complete’ notification on the top of the browser app, tap on the notification to start the installation process.

Download Mihon APK

  • Ignore the Play Protect warning that might come up by tapping on Install Anyways.

Install Mihon APK - Manga Reader

  • Monitor the installation progress.

Installation Screen

  • After the installation is complete, you will have the icon of Mihon APK on the home screen of your Android device.

UI of Mihon Manga Reader

Now that you are aware of the features and the installation of Mihon, let us have a look on its pros and cons.

Mihon App | 2024

Mihon App UI Gllaery

Mihon App - Best Manga Reader


  • Ad-free Manga reading experience free-of-cost.
  • Customized reading experience.
  • All popular Manga sources like Manga Rock, Manga Dex, Batoto, Manga Fox, and more are available.
  • Integration with anime tracking app like MyAnimeList and AniList.


Mihon App Manga Reader


  • Not available on Google Play Store. It is a third-party application.
  • Only compatible with Android OS as of now.
  • If you are an iOS user, you cannot enjoy Mihon and its services.


Mihon APK - Manga Reader with Extensions

Mihon APK

Latest Version

It’s better to always have the latest version to avoid a few usual bugs with out dated versions. We always keep you updated with all the latest versions here.

You just keep visiting us whenever this Mihon Manga reader gets an update.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

No! It exists. However, if you are looking for superior Manga services, Mihon is your choice app.

You can read Manga, based on availability, in English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and more.

As confirmed by the developers, the app is free from any kind of viruses/malware. However, be wary of the source from where you are downloading or accessing the Manga on the app.

No! In addition, as of now, there is no update on whether the app will come to iOS shortly or not.


That is all about the amazing, free, and open source Manga reader app, Mihon, from our side. If you have any further questions, face any issues while using the app, or simply want to let us know about your wonderful Manga reading experience with the app, we have the comments section open for you.

Thank You.

Why are you still waiting? Download Mihon APK right away and enjoy your favorite manga.